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The Team De.Tra.Log.

Why us?

The Benefits for the customer who chooses De.Tra.Log. for moving its pallets.

  • Logistics Services and Transport Quality
  • Improvement of Flexibility
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Indication of process indicators
  • Decrease of damage and Dent
  • Reduction of fixed costs

The Strategies

We manage the flow of materials to the point of sale, being a single source of integrated logistics services and acting as an innovator in the Supply Chain Management.

The Mission

We operate since 2010 in logistics, distribution and road transport both at full load and groupage in the regions: Abruzzo, Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Piedmont and Veneto.

since 2010
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The De.Tra.Log. It is synonymous with punctuality, precision and professionalism.

1. The company is placed on the Italian market as an ideal partner for customers to manage the Transport and Logistics Deposits.



Jan 2010

Birth of De.Tra.Log.

In response to a clearly growing demand arises De.Tra.Log Srl, placing on the market immediately as a safe, fast and effective company.
Oct 2010

Great customer input

The concepts, methods and professionalism convince the first major customers to enter into partnership with us.
Jun 2011

Update Fleet Vehicles

In view of large expansions, the company updates the fleet to 20 trucks, 2 trucks with tail lift and 2 vans.
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Feb 2012

Articulating Territorial Expansion

The increasing demand from the customer pushes De.Tra.Log. to espanandere significantly its Territorial Articulation.
Nov 2013

Update Fleet Vehicles

The Company once again update the fleet of vehicles in their possession to make it even more effective and flexible the pallet transport that reach in November 2013, 450 per day.
Mar 2014

New Operating Sites

The determination, spirit and professionalism that the staff of De.Tra.Log. convince the administration to extend the entire transport network, storage and logistina 3 locations, one in Lazio, one in Lombardy and one in Molise.
Jun 2015

Articulating Territorial Expansion

In June 2015 De.Tra.Log. inaugurates its new headquarters in Molise, Pozzilli, Isernia. 7000 square meters of storage and parking.

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